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OK, so this page is seriously under construction. I'm going to be developing this section of my site for quite some time to come. So check back here from time to time, and you can watch it grow and develop.

The idea here is to try to create a site for new underwater photographers to use as the basis for learning and/or improving their craft.

Right now, only a few sections are available for viewing, including the equipment, exposure, composition, and evaluation sections. I highly recommend checking out the evaluation section, especially the evaluation practice gallery, which is something that I am very excited about. The message board is also alive and functional, although traffic on it is quite sparse so far. Hopefully that will change at some point!

Until I finish the other sections, the links to them will be disabled. So if the link to the section you want is disabled, hang on a while, and hopefully I'll get to that section soon.

Thanks for dropping by!

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